Sebastien Meunier
Antwerp, Belgium
With Fabrique since 2021
A French High School of Fashion alumnus and Fashion Award laureate, shaped a decade at Maison Margiela before spearheading Ann Demeulemeester with his innovative vision.
In the illustrious panorama of fashion in this century, French designer Sebastien Meunier stands as a paragon of innovation and artistic integrity. Graduating from ESMOD, the French School of Fashion, Meunier's career trajectory is a testament to his relentless pursuit of creativity and individualism. His early acclaim, marked by winning the Fashion Award at the French International Fashion Photography Festival, signaled the dawn of a new vanguard in fashion.
Meunier's journey with Maison Margiela, where he spent a decade shaping both menswear and womenswear, was a prelude to his pivotal role at Ann Demeulemeester. Succeeding Ann herself, Meunier embraced the mantle of creative director, infusing the brand with his signature blend of visual simplicity and complex architecture. His designs, a dark yet romantic tapestry, have redefined Gothic style, catapulting it from the fringes to the forefront of fashion.
In 2020, Meunier concluded his tenure at Ann Demeulemeester, leaving behind a legacy rich in gothic romanticism and architectural finesse. His final series, a culmination of poetic and dimensional design, not only honored Demeulemeester's ethos but also paved the way for his future explorations in fashion. As Vanessa Friedman might succinctly note, Meunier's work transcends mere design; it is a bold statement of living and creating on one's own terms, away from the glitz yet at the heart of genuine innovation.

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