Federico De Paolis
Rome, Italy
With Fabrique since 2023
Ex-Balmain lead, now Fendi and Vivetta consultant, famed for the iconic California Sky series, adorned by celebs.
Federico de Paolis, with a rich background from the European Design Institute, has carved a niche in the fashion world, notably at Faith Connexion and Pierre Balmain, and currently as a consultant for Fendi and Vivetta. His signature approach marries graphic design with textile artistry, pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion.
His notable contribution to Fendi's California Sky series exemplifies his unique style, where Fendi classics are reimagined with a cartoon-like flair reminiscent of the instagram famous 2D theme café in Korea. This innovative twist on iconic designs introduces a playful, yet sophisticated dimension to high fashion, engaging a diverse audience with its blend of art and functionality.
Federico's collaboration with Fabrique unveils another dimension of his talent. Drawing on the energy of spring, he creates pieces that celebrate the duality of strength and romance. Through vibrant prints and intricate embroideries, he crafts a narrative that is both captivating and grounded, showcasing his ability to transform everyday fashion into a canvas for artistic expression. Federico's work not only stands out for its creativity but also for its ability to connect with the zeitgeist, making each piece a reflection of contemporary culture.

Designs by Federico De Paolis

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