Vivetta Ponti
Milan, Italy
With Fabrique since 2022
Awarded in Paris, infused Italian embroidery into modern fashion, adored by stars like Rihanna. Featured in Vogue, a blend of whimsy and craft.
Dive into the world of a designer who's reshaping the fashion landscape, one stitch at a time. Envision the moment when Paris, the epicenter of style and dreams, witnessed our designer securing the prestigious "Who's Next" award. This accolade is merely the tip of the iceberg; it's her journey from Assisi's historical lanes to Milan's vibrant ateliers that embroiders her narrative into her creations. Her work transforms Italian embroidery from a mere technique to a vivid narrative, weaving whimsical animal motifs into rich tapestries of color.
Her collections serve as a canvas where each thread echoes her profound affinity for childhood whimsy and Italian craftsmanship. The fact that icons like Rihanna and Lady Gaga choose her pieces is not just a nod to her talent; it's a recognition of her unique ability to marry haute couture with playful charm. It's rare to find a designer who makes high fashion accessible and relatable, bridging the gap with elegance that's both refreshing and influential. Featured in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, her work effortlessly connects diverse worlds.
Looking ahead, this visionary is charting a new course in the industry. Her designs invite us to engage in a deeper conversation with the world around us, blending nostalgia with innovation in a way that challenges us to rethink our style choices. In an era often too hurried for reflection, she offers a chance to pause and embrace our imaginative spirits. Fashion, in her view, is a form of expression that transcends the fabric, weaving stories of who we are and who we aspire to be.

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