Martina Albasini
Milan, Italy
With Fabrique since 2022
Designed for Max Mara, former designer at Italian high-end fashion company Liu Jo. Specialize in crafting simple silhouettes and exquisite details.
Martina's interest in fashion design started early, as she watched her grandmother work wonders with a sewing machine. Her career took off at well-known fashion companies like Max Mara Fashion Group and Liu Jo, but she didn't stop there. Now, as a freelance designer, Martina is making a name for herself. Her approach is straightforward yet clever, often influenced by TV shows and movies. Each piece she designs is unique, with a backstory and insights drawn from her life. She's a firm believer that fashion should be both comfortable and stylish.
Her latest collection, in collaboration with Fabrique, cleverly mixes casual and elegant elements. Think of polo shirts reimagined as silk and knit dresses, complete with smart collars and a splash of maritime flair. This series celebrates the mix of different materials, creating outfits that are both easy to wear and beautiful.
Martina Albasini stands out for creating garments that blend with ease and elegance. She encourages wearing what makes you feel good without the fuss. Continually innovating, Martina delivers clothing that is practical, attractive, and unmistakably her own.

Designs by Martina Albasini

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