Silvia Antognozzi
With Fabrique since 2023
Former GCDS knitwear designer, now shaping MC2 Saint Barth with minimalist designs infused with dopamine hues. Acclaimed for bold, distinctive collaborations.
Silvia Antognozzi stands out in the fashion world for her knack of blending bold colors with clean, simple designs. Educated at Milan's Polytechnic University, she brings a touch of Italian craftsmanship to her work, now making waves as the head designer for women's wear at MC2 Saint Barth. Her career took a creative turn at GCDS, where she was known for her innovative knitwear designs, mixing traditional techniques with modern flair.
Her collaboration with "One Piece," a beloved anime series, perfectly exemplifies her distinctive approach, blending the animated world with high fashion to craft pieces that buzz with energy and surprise audiences. Through her creations, it's evident that every stitch tells a story and each color embodies a character.
Antognozzi's "Alice in Wonderland" series, inspired by her cat Kittho, showcases her ability to draw from personal life and translate it into fashion. Here, she played with unconventional shapes and patterns, proving that inspiration can come from anywhere and turn into something spectacular in the hands of a talented designer. With every collection, Antognozzi invites us to see beyond the fabric, to the stories and inspirations woven into each piece.

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