Sharon Wauchob
London, UK
With Fabrique since 2023
Ex-Louis Vuitton Director & Uniqlo lead, British Fashion Trust awardee; reshaping luxury with unrivaled craft.
Sharon Wauchob's career is as textured as the fabrics she works with, minus the overly ornate descriptors. Starting at Central Saint Martins in '93, she's moved through the fashion world with a practical elegance, earning her stripes as the creative mind behind big names like Louis Vuitton and Uniqlo. It's her blend of sophistication and edge that sets her apart, making high fashion feel accessible, not aloof.
Her design ethos strikes a balance between the avant-garde and the wearable. Wauchob's knack for Japanese-inspired asymmetry and thoughtful pleating shows her dedication to both innovation and tradition. This approach hasn't just won her a spot on the Paris Fashion Week roster since 2003, but also the Fashion Trust Award from the British Fashion Council in 2019. It's a testament to her standing in the fashion echelons, bridging the gap between the artistically bold and the everyday.
Wauchob's recent collaboration with Fabrique injects a fresh, relaxed vibe into the fashion scene. Inspired by a modern, easygoing style, the collection is a playful mix of soft hues and contrasting fabrics, from matte finishes to glossy satins, crafting silhouettes that are both fresh and unmistakably feminine. It's this blend of fun and finesse that really underscores Wauchob's unique flair, making each piece not just an item of clothing, but a statement of joy and vitality in fashion.

Designs by Sharon Wauchob

2 Products
  • Gabrielle Shirt in Mulberry Silk
    Sharon Wauchob
    with Fabrique
    Gabrielle Shirt in Mulberry Silk
  • Calliope Ostrich Feather Trim Dress
    Sharon Wauchob
    with Fabrique
    Calliope Ostrich Feather Trim Dress