Caroline Hu
Shanghai, China
With Fabrique since 2022
Catches eyes of Jason Wu & Tory Burch. Winner of BoF China Prize, featured in ''Vogue'' and ''Elle''. Creates canvas of life's stories, marrying romantic idealism with reality.
Caroline Hu, emerging from the artistic backdrop of Shenzhen, paints a vivid tapestry in the fashion world. Raised by a painter father and a ceramic artist, her creative spirit was nurtured early on. Hu's journey took her from Central Saint Martins to Parsons, where her graduation showcase in 2018 unveiled a mesmerizing blend of handcrafted organza and a painterly touch. This debut immediately attracted fashion heavyweights like Jason Wu and Tory Burch, marking her arrival on the fashion stage.
In 2018, Hu launched her namesake label, quickly becoming a beacon in the industry. Her designs, characterized by their poetic fusion of fabric and form, earned her a spot in the LVMH competition and the BoF China Prize within a year. Hu's creations are not just clothes; they are narratives woven into fabric, loved by celebrities and featured in "VOGUE" and "ELLE." Her style, both romantic and real, breaks the mold, challenging conventional aesthetics with a unique blend of sensitivity and strength.
Hu's approach to fashion is a reflection of life itself – vibrant, layered, and deeply personal. Her designs encourage us to embrace our stories, especially our past to find beauty in imperfection.

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