Sabrina Tachdjian
With Fabrique since 2022
Crafted iconic knits; lauded by Uruguay's Tourism, worn by Dilraba Dilmurat, Blackpink Rose, Kylie Jenner; spotlighted in Vogue, Bazaar.
Meet Sabrina Tachdian, the Uruguayan designer weaving nostalgia with innovation in the fashion tapestry. From her student days at Universidad de la República to launching Tach Clothing in 2017, Sabrina's journey has been marked by a profound dedication to artisanal craftsmanship, influenced by her family's legacy. Her stint at Uniform Jeans not only refined her design skills but also deepened her appreciation for handcrafted quality, setting the stage for her signature line of hand-knitted sweaters that became a national treasure.
Sabrina's creations, celebrated by icons and publications alike, from Dilraba Dilmurat to Vogue, exude a vintage charm infused with modern sensibilities. Alongside her sisters, Anette and Patricia, she's built a brand that's a tribute to their shared heritage, using locally sourced Uruguayan wool to craft garments that speak of durability and meticulous design. This commitment to sustainability and quality has earned her pieces a spot as coveted travel mementos, highlighting her impact on both local tradition and global fashion.
With a palette that blends bold hues with whimsical patterns, Sabrina's designs offer a fresh take on retro aesthetics. Her innovative use of embroidery, crochet, and dynamic silhouettes ensures each piece remains timeless. As Sabrina continues to draw inspiration from vintage elegance, her work promises to shape future trends, marrying the complexity of classic styles with the simplicity of modern wear.

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