Roderic Wong
Shanghai, China
With Fabrique since 2021
A Star Creation Champion, Audi Young Designer Award winner and former F.J. Benjamin talent have global runways & dressed icons like Qi Yandi. Featured in VOGUE, ELLE, Harpar's Bazaar.
In the effervescent world of fashion, Chinese designer duo Roderic Wong and Rina, founders of RODERIC WONG, stand out with a distinct blend of modernist ideals and tactile finesse. Their designs, characterized by clean, smooth tailoring and a love for texture, echo the rationality and rigor of Bauhaus architecture. This blend of modern beauty and practicality has not only graced the runways of Singapore and Shanghai Fashion Weeks but also caught the eye of esteemed buyers like Machine-A in the UK.
Their creations are a study in contrasts - distant yet not restrained, gentle but with an underlying strength, embodying a soft, tough, independent femininity. Rina encapsulates this ethos perfectly: "Really women don't have to define themselves as strong or gentle, because women are born with both sides." This philosophy resonates in their work, combining soft colors with intriguing design details.
With accolades like the Star Creation Champion and the Audi Young Designer Award, Roderic Wong's commercial maturity and Rina's creative partnership have propelled RODERIC WONG into the limelight. Their designs, celebrated in prestigious publications like "VOGUE," "ELLE," and "Harper's BAZAAR," forecast a future where fashion is an interplay of architectural precision and expressive femininity. For those seeking a blend of modernist design and wearable art, RODERIC WONG is a label to watch.

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