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Former McQ visionaries acclaimed with awards, including ANDAM. Adored in Milan and London, their work is a favorite among icons like Beyonce and Kate Moss.
Fiona Sinha and Aleksandar Stanic, the founders of SINHA-STANIC, have made significant strides in the fashion industry since they met at Central Saint Martins. Their combined expertise, with Sinha focusing on women's wear and Stanic on print design, laid the foundation for their brand. Their initial collection gained attention as a finalist in the Fashion Fringe competition, leading to a critical partnership with the Italian luxury group Aeffe, which was instrumental in establishing SINHA-STANIC.
Sinha, opting for a deeper dive into women’s wear with a master's degree, and Stanic, embracing his flair for print design, brought complementary strengths to the table. Their first series, a finalist in the Fashion Fringe competition, caught the discerning eye of Italian luxury group Aeffe – a pivotal moment that led to the birth of SINHA-STANIC. Their ascent in the fashion echelons was meteoric; accolades like the New Generation Award from 2005 to 2006, a nomination for the "Best Emerging Designer" at the British Fashion Awards, and the French Fashion ANDAM Award in 2008, spotlighted their growing influence. Their creative consultancy at Raoule and directorial stint at McQ for Alexander McQueen have only further cemented their status as industry stalwarts.
Sinha and Stanic 2019 designs are a dialogue between lightness and structure, blending street sensibility with practical elegance. Their work, adorned by the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Moss, is a testament to their ability to marry the ethereal with the everyday. As their creations grace the runways of Milan and London, one can't help but marvel at how they've turned the fabric of dreams into wearable realities. Their journey, much like their fashion, is a narrative of constant evolution, a symphony of style that continues to echo across the globe.

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