Agustina Sorrentini
Buenos Aires, Argent
With Fabrique since 2023
Former Gucci senior designer, pivotal in brand's revival. Renowned in Italian fashion for luxurious patterns, shaping high-end style.
From the bustling streets of Buenos Aires to the fashion capitals of Europe, Agustina Sorrentini's journey is a tale of creativity and resilience. It's a story that begins with youthful dreams in Argentina and unfolds into a saga of fashion mastery. After honing her skills at the University of Buenos Aires, Agustina ventured to Milan, where she earned her master's in the fashion industry from the prestigious Politecnico di Milano. This was just the prelude.
Agustina's canvas is the world of luxury fashion, where her tenure at Gucci as a senior designer speaks volumes. In those corridors of high fashion, she didn't just work; she redefined print and pattern design, leaving a lasting impression on ready-to-wear collections. Her creations, particularly innovative in shoes and fabric, were not only consumer favorites but also critically acclaimed. Agustina's flair for blending unconventional patterns and colors, sometimes seemingly discordant, into harmonious masterpieces, is nothing short of artistic genius.
Today, Agustina helms her own printing studio, spearheading over 70 design projects with a blend of novel and stylish visions. Her work, a symphony of exquisite patterns and luxurious textures, is not just seen but felt and experienced. As she continues to serve clients across continents, Agustina Sorrentini is not just a name; she's a force reshaping contemporary Italian fashion. Her story is one of passion, a relentless pursuit of excellence, and the daring to dream beyond borders.

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