Elizabeth Morling
With Fabrique since 2023
Crafted iconic prints at McQueen, TOPSHOP, Balenciaga; now leads a London studio blending luxury with sustainability.
Navigating the intricate world of fashion print design, Elizabeth Morling stands out with a decade of experience that spans across iconic houses like Alexander McQueen, TOPSHOP, Balenciaga, and Paul Smith. A Central Saint Martins alumna, her passion for textiles drove her from law studies to the vibrant corridors of fashion, where her print designs became synonymous with innovation and artistic depth. Now, she channels her rich background into her London studio, where sustainability meets luxury in every thread.
Elizabeth's work is a testament to her belief in the power of fabric to evoke emotion, complete a look, or tell a story. Her approach blends traditional techniques with modern sustainability, crafting designs that resonate with intimacy and fun. It's this unique blend of eco-consciousness and luxury that sets her studio apart, offering small-scale productions that significantly reduce waste without compromising on the luxurious feel.
The recent collaboration with Fabrique is a reflection of Elizabeth's vision for spring in the city - a celebration of nature's awakening and the outdoor life's joys. This collection introduces fresh elements, outdoor details, and innovative cuts, infusing everyday wardrobes with a touch of femininity that's both modern and reflective of Elizabeth's environmental ethos. It's a collection that speaks volumes of her journey and her commitment to pushing the boundaries of print design in fashion.

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