Coco Boutet
Paris, France
With Fabrique since 2023
Parisian couture prodigy. ESMOD grad, Dior, LV, CELINE alum. Boutet Solanes brand on Paris Fashion Week. Vogue, ELLE favorite. Sustainable designs lauded by FHCM, WWD.
Coco Boutet, a Paris-based designer, has fashion credentials that read like everyone's luxury brand wishlist. After graduating from ESMOD, she dove into Dior's haute couture atelier under John Galliano - that nostalgic flair still peppers her work today. In 2009, Boutet stepped into Louis Vuitton as deputy design director for ready-to-wear during Marc Jacobs' tenure. By 2010, she was crafting womenswear at CELINE alongside Phoebe Philo, shaping modern wardrobes with sharp silhouettes and minimalist structures.
Come 2020, Boutet took the plunge, launching her own womenswear brand, Boutet Solanes, with photographer Jose Maria Solanes. It didn't just enter the scene—it strode onto the Paris Fashion Week calendar. Her mineral-inspired designs, turning growth patterns into artistic prints, caught the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode's eye in 2022. Boutet sees her customer as "an explorer who looks at the world while also reflecting inward." This philosophy, coupled with her sustainable fashion approach, landed her in "Vogue Talents" in early 2021, and got her noticed by WWD, IRK, Visionary Artistry, and The SPIN OFF.
Boutet's work goes beyond mere clothing creation—she's translating the earth's hidden textures into wearable art. Her ability to balance the raw beauty of minerals with the refined elegance of haute couture sets her apart. As she puts it, her designs are for the woman who's "an explorer, looking at the world while also reflecting inward." This fusion of outward curiosity and inner contemplation is what makes Boutet's work resonate in the pages of Vogue, ELLE, and Harper's BAZAAR. She's not just predicting trends; she's unearthing a new language of fashion, one crystal at a time.

Designs by Coco Boutet

3 Products
  • Munda Off Shoulder Petal Top in Tencel Wool Blend
    Coco Boutet
    with Fabrique
    Munda Off Shoulder Petal Top in Tencel Wool Blend
  • Lite Fitted Dress
    Coco Boutet
    with Fabrique
    Lite Fitted Dress
  • Cali Draped Strap Dress in Cotton Modal Blend
    Coco Boutet
    with Fabrique
    Cali Draped Strap Dress in Cotton Modal Blend
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