Daphne Wright
Rome, Italy
With Fabrique since 2022
Central Saint Martins' alumnus. From Rome to Valentino's lead knitwear designer, she shapes confidence and beauty in every stitch, crafting wearable art.
From Rome to Valentino's heart, Daphne Wright's journey in fashion is a tale of passion and innovation. Her academic prowess, starting at the University of Rome and culminating at Central Saint Martins, laid the foundation for her unique approach to knitwear. At Valentino, Wright redefined knitwear design, creating pieces that aren't just clothes but expressions of personal beauty. Her designs are more than fabric; they are conduits of confidence, empowering women to feel complete.
Wright's collaboration with Fabrique unveils a world where love is the muse. Her creations, characterized by hearts and the vibrant hues of romance, are a modern reinterpretation of love's timeless language. Her use of diverse yarns, intricate lace details, and meticulous embroidery crafts pieces that are not just worn but experienced. Each design pays homage to romanticism, celebrating the soft yet powerful essence of love.
The essence of Daphne Wright's work lies in its ability to resonate with the people on a personal level. Her designs are a blend of cultural richness and contemporary aesthetics, making each piece a testament to her creative vision. They are attires with narratives woven in threads, waiting to be part of someone's own story. 

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