Nelly Sé
Paris, France
With Fabrique since 2023
Maison Kitsuné's lead, former Faith Connexion designer, acclaimed for merging masculine motifs into elegant women's fashion.
Nelly Sé, currently the creative mind at Maison Kitsuné and a former designer at Faith Connexion, is redefining women's fashion. Notice her subtle, yet striking masculine touch in her designs, that's Nelly's signature. Graduating from ESMOD International, she has spent over eight years crafting pieces that stand out yet fit seamlessly into a modern wardrobe.  Her journey from Faith Connexion to Maison Kitsune, peppered with high-profile media mentions and celebrity endorsements, is a testament to her versatility and innovation in blending gender norms in fashion.
But what drives her unique approach? Inspiration springs from the bustling life of the city - a fusion of concrete and skies, hustle and pause, strength and gentleness. Her collaboration with Fabrique is a vibrant example, creating contrasts in form and function, offering a blend of relaxed and structured styles. they're statements of bold femininity, challenging and reshaping conventional silhouettes.
Looking forward, what's next for Nelly Sé? Her recent collection hints at new directions in fashion. Picture the influence of her unique mix of masculine and feminine touches. It's Nelly's invitation to us all: to challenge the norms, to experiment with our style, and to remember that fashion is ultimately about expressing our individuality.

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