Andreas Melbostad
New York, USA
With Fabrique since 2021
Renowned for transforming Diesel Black Gold, fusing '60s and '70s rock with modern femininity. Distinguished career with tenures at Saint Laurent, Nina Ricci, Calvin Klein.
From the Oslo Academy of Art to the prestigious Royal College of Art in London, Andreas Melbostad's design journey reads like a Who's Who of fashion's elite educational institutions. His talent, honed under such rigorous scholastic rigor, catapulted him to the ranks of senior designer at storied houses like Saint Laurent and later, Nina Ricci and Calvin Klein. This Norwegian visionary didn't just learn; he redefined learning, shaping his future in the very looms of his education.
By 2007, Melbostad had etched his name in the annals of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, a testament to his rich design experience. It was in 2012, as the creative mind behind Diesel's Black Gold series, that he truly revitalized the brand with his iconic leather ensembles and monochromatic palette. Melbostad articulates his design philosophy thus: "When designing clothing, I always envision a woman who revels in a free lifestyle, a touch rebellious, yet plays with slightly masculine fashion elements without forfeiting her sexiness and femininity."
Melbostad's women's collections speak to an archetype of sophisticated urbanity with an undercurrent of rebellion 2014 testament to his ability to infuse traditional feminine allure with the spirit of modern independence. In Andreas Melbostad's world, clothes are not mere garments; they are declarations of a woman's multifaceted identity, pieces that resonate with the pulse of contemporary design.

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