Wataru Nakazono
Tokyo, Japan
With Fabrique since 2022
Awarded Tokyo New Designer in 2018. Blends modern silhouette traditional Japanese textiles. Renowned for original prints, his creations are favored by stars like Yui Aragaki and Yū Aoi. Featured in Vogue and WWD.
Wataru Nakazono has redefined contemporary fashion with his unique fusion of classic tailoring and traditional Japanese textiles. Born in Fukuoka and a graduate of Tokyo Mode Academy, Nakazono's journey into fashion began in middle school. Inspired by his grandmother, a dressmaking teacher, and his early explorations in thrift stores, Nakazono moved to Tokyo to pursue his dream of making clothes.
Nakazono’s big break came in 2014-15 when he launched his women’s line, using only Japanese fabrics. Guided by mentors like Takehiro Nagasawa and Shintaro Fujikawa, his designs quickly caught attention. In 2018, he won the Tokyo New Designer Fashion Award. You might have seen his work in Vogue, FashionSnap, WWD, and Japanese media like Akira Tokyo. Celebrities such as Yui Aragaki, Yū Aoi, and Yūki Kashiwagi love his creations.
His recent collaboration with Fabrique is a testament to his dedication to fabric design and craftsmanship. Nakazono believes clothes should be beautiful to wear, not just to look at, and this philosophy shines through in his unique prints. His respect for traditional techniques, combined with a modern twist, makes his latest collection both stylish and meaningful.

Designs by Wataru Nakazono

1 Products
  • Mischa Midi Skirt in Devoré Viscose Blend
    Wataru Nakazono
    with Fabrique
    Mischa Midi Skirt in Devoré Viscose Blend
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