Ms Mug
Tokyo, Japan.
With Fabrique since 2022
Launched G.V.G.V. in 1999, graced "VOGUE," "ELLE," "WWD," adored by Ishihara Satomi, Blackpink Jennie & a usual at Tokyo Fashion Week.
In the bustling heart of Tokyo's fashion scene, Ms Mug's G.V.G.V. emerged in 1999, swiftly carving out a niche for itself. graduate of the esteemed Kuwasawa Design School, Ms Mug not only reshaped the industry but also cemented her status as a true fashion bombshell. She brought a unique vision to the runway, marrying masculine and feminine traits with a flair that's both academic and rebelliously chic. Her designs quickly became the talk of the town, gracing the pages of "VOGUE," "ELLE Japan," and "WWD." It's not just the fashion elite who took notice; stars from Ishihara Satomi to Jolin Tsai and Jennie of Blackpink are among her avid followers. Her work's presence in dramas, music videos, and award ceremonies further cements her influence.
Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a fashion line that's both wearable and avant-garde? Ms Mug's answer lies in her balanced approach. Her collections, neither overly feminine nor too rugged, find harmony in contrast. This delicate balance reflects in her sub-lines, NAKID by G.V.G.V. and G.V.G.V. FLAT, debuted in Paris. Her creations, embodying a neutral, casual aesthetic, resonate with sincere young fashion enthusiasts who seek originality over imitation. The pieces - think iconic MA-1 jackets, long coats, and wide-leg pants - are not just garments, but statements of individuality.
What sets Ms Mug apart? Perhaps it's her ability to blend the bold with the understated, a quality that's garnered G.V.G.V. increasing recognition among fans of Japanese style. Collaborations with Kazutoshi Kavamura, Opening Ceremony, and Monkey Time, and her feature in Blackpink Jennie's hit "Solo," are testaments to her rising star. Her journey isn't just about creating clothes; it's about crafting a narrative of style, identity, and relentless pursuit of one's own aesthetic. Ms Mug doesn't just design clothes. She designs dreams, draped in fabric.

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