Alexander Flagella
Rome, Italy
With Fabrique since 2022
"Who is On Next" Norminee, showcased at WHITE Milano, creations graced VOGUE, WWD, and ELLE.
In the heart of Turin's baroque splendor, Alexander Flagella's fashion journey began. His upbringing in this artistic haven profoundly influenced his design ethos, combining classical beauty with modern sensibilities. This fusion became more pronounced at Florence's prestigious Polimoda, where he immersed himself in fashion's intricacies.
Flagella's post-graduation path led him to Paris, but his heart remained anchored in Italy. In 2011, he co-founded Greta Boldini in Rome, blending his love for Italian craftsmanship with contemporary flair. His designs, celebrated in Milan, Paris, and Shanghai, have graced the pages of VOGUE , WWD and ELLE, earning him accolades and a loyal following among fashion aficionados.
Flagellau's career highlights include a nomination for the "Who is On Next" award and a showcase at WHITE Milano. His work transcends mere clothing; it's a dialogue between tradition and innovation. 

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