Sam Frenzel
London, UK
With Fabrique since 2023
Former Chloé senior, Moncler genius series director, advisor to Sam Frenzel, now leading COS women’s line with acclaimed creativity.
Sam Frenzel, once a fine arts and history student, pivoted to fashion design, marrying his love for art, history, and style. Graduating from HTW Berlin, he quickly made a name for himself, starting at Chloé in 2007. Frenzel stood out for his comprehensive design approach, overseeing every step from initial sketches to the final styling. However, it was his time at Giambattista Valli/GIAMBA in 2014 that marked a turning point, as he began to challenge fashion norms and appeal to a broader audience with innovative ideas.
By 2018, Frenzel was leading Moncler's "genius" series, where he skillfully blended new ideas with traditional elements. Now, as the head of COS women's wear since 2021, his unique mix of retro influences and contemporary design is unmistakable. Frenzel is known for his thoughtful approach to design, often saying, "Understanding cultural differences is key," and emphasizing the importance of respecting the origins of inspiration. He advocates for beauty in design, regardless of price, and encourages aspiring designers to keep striving, reflecting on his own early concerns about finding his place in Paris's competitive fashion scene.
His collaboration with Fabrique is a testament to his philosophy, offering a blend of mature elegance and sophisticated innovation. Sam often says, "People ask if they're wearing it right, but I like you for who you are, not your clothes. It's important to be yourself. Your uniqueness isn't just about what you wear." This underlines Sam's approach to fashion, his belief in valuing individuality over appearance.

Designs by Sam Frenzel

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  • Steele Pants in Protein Leather
    Sam Frenzel
    with Fabrique
    Steele Pants in Protein Leather
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