Rasa Abramaviciute
London, UK
With Fabrique since 2023
Ex-David Koma, Vivienne Westwood designer; 2010 FAD Competition winner. Renowned for innovative designs, favored by industry icons.
When Rasa Abramaviciute clinched the top spot at the 2010 FAD Competition, it was clear that her design sensibility was already leaps ahead of her peers. With a first-class honors degree in women's fashion from Middlesex University and a master's from Central Saint Martins, her academic foundation is as robust as it gets. During her studies, Rasa not only demonstrated exceptional talent but also shaped her distinctive style that would later become her signature in the industry.
Her early career highlights include pivotal roles at esteemed labels like Vivienne Westwood and David Koma. At David Koma, she moved from managing the studio and crafting initial samples as a junior designer, to engaging in deep fashion research and spearheading collection development as a senior designer. Her influence was instrumental in both the creative and practical areas of these fashion houses.
Today, Rasa is a name that resonates with freshness in the fashion scene. Her collections, including a recent collaboration with Fabrique, reflect a thoughtful fusion of tradition and contemporary style, underscoring her intuitive grasp of both artistry and functionality in fashion design. Watching her evolve, it's clear she's genuinely shaping what comes next in fashion.

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  • Elise Sleeveless Dress
    Rasa Abramaviciute
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    Elise Sleeveless Dress