Jin Kim
Milan, Italy
With Fabrique since 2022
Renowned for melding classic and versatile colors with French elegance and modernist tailoring, shined at Hugo Boss, Moschillo, DKNY, and DSQUARED2.
Let's talk about Jin Kim, a name that's been creating ripples in the high-fashion seas. Graduating from a top European design school, Kim has sailed through roles at fashion titans like Hugo Boss, Moschillo, DKNY, and DSQUARED2. It's not just about her titles, though. Her design palette is a unique blend of classic, adaptable colors with a French twist. Think crisp lines, 3D tailoring, and a modernist approach that balances soft and bold. Her style? It's not just fashion; it's a statement.
What sets Kim apart is her ability to capture the essence of both femininity and masculinity in her designs. Her tenure as a senior designer across various global brands has been marked by creations that reflect the vibrant energy of youth and the sophistication of American street style. It's as if each piece tells a story, one that speaks to the heart of contemporary fashion enthusiasts. Her work isn't just seen; it's felt, and that's the magic of Jin Kim.
Now at Hugo Boss, Kim continues to redefine women's empowerment through her designs. It's not just about the clothes; it's about crafting confidence and encouraging us to boldly express their individuality. In a world of fleeting trends, Jin Kim's creations stand as a testament to enduring style and self-assurance, encouraging us to explore the depths of our identity through fashion.

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