Shinya Kozuka
Tokyo, Japan
With Fabrique since 2023
Central St Martins alumnus, this designer blends vintage inspiration with bold 'BLUR' and 'VAGUE' themes, launching a unique line in Japan in 2014.
Step into the world of Shinya Kozuka, a 2013 Central Saint Martins graduate whose fashion philosophy is as intriguing as his designs. In London, he absorbed a spectrum of influences, from the charm of vintage fashion to the city's architectural grandeur. Kozuka's unique style centers around concepts like 'BLUR', 'VAGUE', 'UNCLEAR', and 'HIDDEN', cleverly crafting a sense of mystery around the wearer's identity-always leaving onlookers wondering, "Who is that?"
When Kozuka returned to Japan in 2014, he introduced a clothing line that perfectly marries Japanese precision with the daring spirit of London's streets. His collections feature an unexpected mix: balloon-style pants, sharp suit jackets, and casual shirts, all playing within a subtle yet striking color palette. Each piece, embellished with his own iPad sketches, stands out as a testament to his creative prowess and eccentric vision.
Kozuka's fashion is about challenging perceptions and blending modern techniques with traditional craftsmanship. In Kozuka's fashion world, each garment is a conversation starter, a bridge between the past's traditions and the future's innovations.

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