Diego Veronesi
Milan, Italy
With Fabrique since 2023
Moschino's Chief Pattern Designer, acclaimed for iconic Moschino 2011 AW gown prints and Bulgari window art; excels in whimsical, retro-chic designs.
Have you ever met a designer who's as comfortable behind a camera as he is designing for the runway? Enter Diego Veronesi. A graduate of CFP Bauer in Photography, Veronesi's artistic voyage began in the world of fashion photography, capturing style for YOOX and Made05. But that was just the prelude. In 2006, he joined Moschino, where he evolved from an illustrator to the maestro of pattern design.
What sets Veronesi's designs apart is a confluence of whimsical, street, and retro styles, each piece telling its own story. Imagine his prints on the 2011 Moschino Autumn/Winter finale gown-a canvas of creativity. His work transcends fashion; his collaboration with Bulgari on "Flowers and Colors" window graffiti turned heads and lit up social media. 
Now, Veronesi's latest collaboration with Fabrique offers a fresh perspective. Inspired by the spontaneous, casual side of femininity, his collection marries street graffiti with chic elegance. Think slogans and purple hydrangeas symbolizing confidence and allure. 

Designs by Diego Veronesi

1 Products
  • Yasmine Dandelion Dress in Mulberry Silk Blend
    Diego Veronesi
    with Fabrique
    Yasmine Dandelion Dress in Mulberry Silk Blend
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