Christine Phung
Paris, France
With Fabrique since 2022
Award-winning Parisian, Ecole Supérieure alum; founded eponymous line in 2011. Known for structured, colorful designs blending delicate beauty with bold freedom.
Christine Phung is swiftly becoming a key player in the fashion landscape, with a solid foundation in design from prestigious institutions like the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in Paris and the French Institute of Fashion. Her collections, which grace Paris runways, showcase a harmonious blend of architectural elegance and a dynamic color spectrum. Notably, her stint at Baby Dior wasn't just a job—it was where her innovative designs captured significant attention, setting a stellar beginning to her career.
Phung's distinctive style is a masterful play of precision and creativity, featuring structured pleats, detailed geometric embroideries, and the innovative use of metallic tweeds. She designs for the adventurous woman, someone who sees fashion as a journey of exploration. This ethos is clear in her work, which transforms clothing into narratives of boldness and innovation. Launching her own line in 2011 was a leap that led to a series of accolades, including the Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris in 2011 and the ANDAM Fashion Award in 2013—a recognition that's akin to winning an Oscar in the fashion world!
Christine Phung is sculpting the elevated elegance with every collection. Her work invites us into a world where fashion is a vibrant dance of colors and shapes, challenging our imaginations and perceptions. With her trajectory only going upwards, Phung is definitely a designer to watch, painting the fashion industry with her unique palette of ideas and innovations.

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