Ksenia Schnaider
Kyiv, Auckland
With Fabrique since 2021
Revolutionizing denim, the duo's 'Demi-Denims' blend culottes with jeans—embraced by icons, heralded in 'BoF' and 'VOGUE,' they craft trends that define eras.
In the ever-evolving realm of fashion, Ukrainian designer Ksenia Schnaider and Russian Anton Schnaider, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, have carved out a niche with their trailblazing "playing cowboy" style. Their brainchild founded in 2011, the Demi-Denims, boldly reimagines denim wear. Their innovation has not only garnered acclaim from fashion elites like Celine Dion and Gigi Hadid but also secured spotlight in prestigious Magazines like "BoF" and "VOGUE."
The Schnaiders 2019 journey, from a serendipitous meeting on a Crimean beach to revolutionizing the denim world, echoes a narrative of creativity and romance. Ksenia 2019 childhood interest in design and Anton 2019 graphic design prowess for Yandex converge, giving life to pieces that are both avant-garde and comfortably sexy. Their Demi-Denims, now a global phenomenon, are available in over 50 stores across 16 countries, cherished by fashion aficionados worldwide.
What sets the Schnaiders apart is their commitment to sustainability. With one-third of their creations crafted from recycled fabrics, they annually repurpose 5.3 tons of jeans, each piece uniquely narrating the story of eco-conscious fashion. Their design philosophy - "Easy, tough, casual, wearable, sexy" - resonates with modern consumers, transcending cyclical trends and cementing their status as pioneers of sustainable, yet playful and universally appealing, fashion innovations.

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