Rhianna Trinka
New York, USA
With Fabrique since 2022
Parsons alum mentored by Tim Gunn and Duffy's senior knitwear designer. Known for work at Galvan London, her designs, celebrated by celebrities.
In the dynamic world of fashion, Rhianna Trinka emerges as a beacon of ingenuity and minimalist elegance. Educated at Parsons and Central Saint Martins, Langan fuses classic training with a forward-thinking approach. She is a designer who's not just creating clothes but crafting narratives. Each piece in her collection whispers of a deeper story, a blend of the past and a nod to the future.
Langan's journey, from Duffy's senior knitwear designer to shaping Galvan London's knits, speaks volumes of her versatility. Her signature? Think knitted vests and dark-striped blazers, each piece echoing her philosophy 2013 "Fashion is about storytelling, and each of my designs tells a unique story." It's a tale of minimalism meeting innovation, where ordinary materials transform into extraordinary fashion statements. Her designs transcend mere attire; they embody a culmination of her skilled artistry, garnering acclaim from celebrities and top fashion publications alike.
Looking ahead, Langan's use of eco-friendly materials and commitment to authentic design isn't just admirable, it's worth learning from. For fashion connoisseurs seeking a blend of practicality and avant-garde, Langan offers a tantalizing foray into a world where fashion transcends boundaries and embraces individuality. She is a designer who truly understands that style is a personal journey and a unique expression of self.

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