Rebekka Bach
Amsterdam, Netherlan
With Fabrique since 2022
A Danish-Asian visionary from Amsterdam, garners acclaim as '2023 Denim Designer of the Year', celebrated in 'ELLE'.
From the streets of Amsterdam to the echelons of global fashion, Rebekka Bach's journey is as textured as her denim. A Danish-Asian visionary, she turned a defiant dream into a decorated reality, her fabric of choice weaving through the narratives of modern independent women. Rebekka's aesthetic 2014 fashionable and avant-garde 2014 cuts across her G-Star tenure, culminating in the eco-conscious RAW for the oceans series, applauded by "ELLE" and "Friends of Friends."
Encounters at airports aren't usually life-changing, unless you're Bach, meeting Pierre Morisette. This chance meeting was her career's crucible, transitioning her from denim aficionado to G-Star's chief womenswear designer. Her work is a confluence of rebellion and elegance, a silhouette that won her "2020 Denim Designer of the Year." Rebekka's work doesn't just dress; it addresses 2014 statement as strong as the denim it's crafted from.
Bach's designs mirror the zeitgeist, an embodiment of freedom and function. As trends evolve, so does she, never losing the thread of innovation that stitches her creations together. For those drawn to the denim dialogue, Rebekka Bach's narrative is a compelling read 2014 inviting us to don the denim and delve into its depths.

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