Solal Fabre
With Fabrique since 2022
Esteemed experience at Hermès and MUGLER, couturier at Mary Katranzou, and recipient of the Fashion Award from CARVEN. A testament to success and innovation.
Solal Fabre's name is whispered in the hallowed ateliers of Hermès, shaped by his alma mater, Université Paul Valéry - Montpellier III, where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Creative Arts, and refined through his Master's in Fashion Design from ESMOD—now craft timeless luxury. His sketches leap from paper to the Parisian runways, bearing the weight of a heritage known only to the likes of MUGLER and Mary Katranzou – names that shaped his early couturier days before he ascended as Hermès' senior designer in 2019.
It's not just talent that garnered Fabre the CARVEN Fashion Award in 2008; it's a relentless pursuit of the 'je ne sais quoi' that defines French fashion. His pieces, like whispered secrets, are en vogue with an air of nonchalance. They echo the rustic charm of the French countryside, his muse, and cradle of inspiration. Forget fast fashion; Fabre is a maestro of the timeless, the essentials that rebel against the chaos of trends.
Dialogue with Fabre's work is a rite for the modern connoisseur. His vision goes beyond aesthetics; it's a lifestyle, an ethos that dresses the soul in the couture of comfort, elegance, and bold self-expression. As he reinvents the wardrobe's basics, we are reminded of the power of true style – it starts with tradition and transcends time.

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