Kentaro Tamai
Tokyo, Japan
With Fabrique since 2021
ASEEDONCLOUD owner, Central Saint Martins' alumnus, acclaimed for minimalism, & a Tokyo Fashion Week regular; his designs feature in top Japanese magazines like ONKUL & in Tokyo Art Museum.
From the dynamic halls of Central Saint Martins to the minimalist ethos of Margaret Howell, Kentaro Tamai's design journey is a testament to the power of simplicity. His designs, which have graced the sophisticated pages of Japanese Top Magazines like "Zhuoyuan," "KU:NEL," and "ONKUL," embody the essence of quiet rebellion, a statement of understated elegance that has resonated across Tokyo's vibrant fashion weeks and even within the Tokyo Art Museum, where his works have been showcased.
Tamai, who started his fashion education in the UK, has brought a touch of British refinement back to Tokyo. He co-founded Writtenafterwards, an avant-garde line that juxtaposes the conventional with the unexpected, and later, ASEEDONCLOUD emerged as his solo venture. This brand is not just clothing; it's a philosophy woven into wearable narratives that champion the beauty of practicality.
Yet, it's in the detailed interplay of knots—a signature of Tamai's work—where his creativity blooms. His pieces speak to the modern individualist who treasures both freedom and the nuanced dance between masculine and feminine elements. From my point of view, Tamai’s work is a celebration of the individual, crafting not just garments but identities that are as enduring as they are innovative.

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