Carlos Duarte
Madrid, Spain
With Fabrique since 2022
Spanish fashion icon with 30+ years in the industry, former GM at Angel Schlesser & Sybilla. Featured in Vogue, Bazaar; favored by stars like Ester Exposito.
In the heart of Spain's fashion arena, Carlos Duarte shines as a trailblazer, originally hailing from Portugal. His journey, spanning over 30 years, is not just a story of fashion but of passion and innovation. Imagine a young, ambitious designer at Angel Schlesser and Sybilla, evolving into a master of his craft. Duarte's name has become synonymous with elegance and foresight in the fashion world.
2016 marked a pivotal moment for Carlos - the launch of his own clothing line. This wasn't just another collection; it was a revolution in fabric and design. His creations are more than attire; they are a fusion of tradition and modernity. With each piece, Carlos weaves a narrative of elegance, intelligence, and authenticity. His recognition at Madrid's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and features in Vogue, Bazaar, and more, underscore his monumental impact. Esteemed celebrities like Ester Exposito and Milena Smit donning his designs further attest to his allure.
Carlos's philosophy? Fashion as a harmonious blend of art and storytelling. He believes in creating designs that resonate with the soul, a reflection of his Portuguese roots and Spanish sophistication. Each garment is not just a piece of clothing; it's a chapter in a larger story, a blend of culture, creativity, and charisma. Carlos Duarte isn't merely a designer; he's a visionary, redefining fashion with every stitch.

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