Johanna Senyk
Paris, France
With Fabrique since 2023
Lauded for unique plastic trench coats, ANDAM 2016 winner. Acclaimed at Alexander McQueen, The Row, JW Anderson. Collaborated with Anthony Vaccarello.
Johanna Senyk's fashion narrative is a cultural mosaic. Born in France to Polish parents with roots in Algeria, she mirrors this blend in her designs. Her fashion journey, marked by stints at Alexander McQueen, The Row, and JW Anderson, culminated in her line, celebrated with the 2016 ANDAM Award. Her signature? Plastic trench coats, so iconic they're preserved in a fashion museum.
Her collaboration with Anthony Vaccarello and later partnership with Castor Srl illustrate her flair for merging French elegance with Italian craftsmanship. Senyk's creations don't chase trends; they're timeless, inspired by French femininity's essence. It's a fusion of classic and contemporary, a testament to her multicultural journey.
Senyk's story goes beyond design; it's about turning diverse cultural experiences into wearable art. She isn't just a designer; sheu2019s a fashion visionary, shaping a future where style is a universal language. Her journey invites us to reflect on our own style evolution, embracing fashion as a borderless expression.u200B