Alex Rotin
Paris, France
With Fabrique since 2020
ESMOD grad, ex-intern at Kenzo and Lagerfeld, designer at NINA RICCI, led JEAN-LOUIS SCHERRER's menswear, now a Chanel haute couture star.
In the high-stakes world of fashion, Alex Rotin stands out with a resume that reads like a dream. An ESMOD graduate, his journey began with internships at Kenzo and Karl Lagerfeld, setting the stage for a dazzling career. Rotin's flair for design was further honed at NINA RICCI and JEAN-LOUIS SCHERRER. But it's his tenure at Chanel's haute couture team that truly highlights his mastery of sophisticated style.
Rotin's work is a unique blend of Asian cultural influences and classic European fashion. This fusion is the heartbeat of his creations, offering a fresh perspective in the often monochromatic fashion world. His time in New York added a bold, lively energy to his designs, an element he carried back to Paris. In 2006, the launch of ALEX ROTIN marked a new chapter, solidifying his status in the fashion elite and catching Chanel's discerning eye.
Rotin's designs are more than clothing; they're a celebration of self-expression. Each piece tells its own story, showcasing a confident, unrestrained style. His ability to merge technical skill with unique fashion insights makes his work not only desirable but also a reflection of modern sartorial freedom. Rotin's journey, marked by prestigious roles and innovative designs, positions him as a leading figure in shaping the future of fashion.

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