Stefano Lo Muzio
With Fabrique since 2023
Ex-Moschino talent, now Fiorucci's lead, acclaimed for crafting H&M's bestseller and winning Moscow's footwear award.
"Stefano Lo Muzio, once a law student in Taranto, Italy, now stands at the forefront of fashion as Fiorucci's Senior Women's Wear Designer. His pivot to fashion, fueled by a passion for design, led him to Italy's EDI Moda Lab, where his distinctive blend of minimalism and complexity began to take shape. With stints at Jeremy Scott and MOSCHINO, Stefano's journey through fashion's elite ranks has been marked by innovative designs that have captivated celebrities and the media alike, his designs has graced global stages from Vancouver to Chengdu Fashion Weeks, earning him international acclaim and a notable award at the 2011 Moscow Fashion Week.
His collaboration with H&M for MOSCHINO highlighted his ability to merge high fashion with streetwear, setting new trends within the industry. Stefano's designs, known for their intricate details and focus on silhouette, have been showcased in prestigious venues worldwide, reflecting his ongoing commitment to push the boundaries of fashion.
Stefano's latest work with Fabrique draws inspiration from the lively essence of urban spring, blending the freshness of new beginnings with outdoor elements, innovative tailoring, and tech-inspired textures. This collection showcases Stefano's visionary approach to fashion, promising to infuse everyday wardrobes with a touch of sophistication and a new dimension of femininity, mirroring his unique design philosophy.

Designs by Stefano Lo Muzio

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  • Molie UPF50+ Sun Protective Windbreaker Set
    Stefano Lo Muzio
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    Molie UPF50+ Sun Protective Windbreaker Set